Bruce Gauthier was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - now living
in Toronto. Bruce has his track “Then They Start To Wonder THEN”
included on the Bill Nelson tribute CD “Several Famous Orchestras
Vol III”. As well, Bruce has his track “I’m Angry” included on TEA
Volume III. Bruce composed the soundtrack to the film “Landfall”
by Canadian film maker Rick Hancox, as well as doing the
narration. Bruce has also composed soundtracks for film makers
Karen Saunders (I must keep my lips together, I must keep my teeth
apart) and Phil Hoffman (The River). Bruce has also composed
soundtracks for his own films, “Repetition, Repetition” and “The
Death Rate on Earth is 100%”. Bruce has released 9 CDs, starting
with his compositions written between 1997 and 2001 released as
three CDs in the “While I’m Still Alive” series - “Vol 1 -
Ambient”, “Vol 2 - Pop”, and “Vol 3 - The Reluctant Clairvoyant’.
Bruce moved to Philadelphia in 2002, and wrote the next four CDs,
‘acid b.rain’, ‘All You Have to do is Believe”, “fragile life”,
and “Beauty is Mesmerizing”. Upon returning to Toronto in the fall
of 2004, he packaged leftovers and curios in a CD titled
“Convenience”. “Convenience” is Bruce’s tongue-in-cheek one-word
theory on what will bring down modern civilization as we know it.
Bruce’s most recent work has been released as the CD