The serious message:

"While Iím Still Alive" is a concept fueled from the accidental death of an associate.
He was a musician, and his works were compiled after his death to create a tribute CD
in his memory.

That CD was touching, a reminder of just how gifted and talented he truly was. It was
also a reminder of my own mortality. And it was a big kick in the pants for me to stop
procrastinating, and to do something with my music.

I want it to be something that we can share now and grow together. How many things are
on our "to do" list, that we have put off and are still putting off?

At his funeral, we were all in shock - on stun. Nobody knew what to say to each other.
I found myself saying to others, "The important lesson to be learned here is to make
sure you tell people how you feel about them before they die."

It is my intention to get my music and this message out there: While Iím Still Alive.
~ June 24, 2001